Wednesday, March 28, 2007

computer literacy

my first comment! how exciting!!! funny because i was just reading the entry in cara's blog about leaving comments and blogging and whatnot and now my first comment. and knowing that someone is reading what i've written. pretty cool. cause one of the reasons i started this blog was to be part of the greater knitting community and get feedback from people. with the munchkin now i can't get out to stitch n' bitch sessions any more so it's great to have a connection with other knitters.

i have been considering joining my two blogsbecause i'm having a hard time keeping them both up to date. of course i'm not sure knitters want so much info on j. and my family so much info on knitting and my crafting life. so i'm still mulling it over. this may just remain my knitting blog with j. mentioned for the knitting projects he inspires me to knit for him. however few they may be.

which brings to why i haven't knit that much for him up to now. kids just grow to fast. it will probably take me more time to knit him the arrr baby set than time he will be able to wear it. i thought about dressing up one of his bears in it either before and/or after he fits in it. at least someone will get to take advantage of this fine fashion.

on the knitting front, i've resumed work on the baby blanket. i ran out of one of the colours and i'm not sure if i'm going to get another ball or just end it a square short. i'll se what it looks like after this section and decide.

p.s. blogging is also making me computer literate. considering m. bought me my first computer 4 years ago, i think i've come a long way (for me).

Friday, March 23, 2007

people drink this stuff??

I just got done dying some yarn using koolaid c. very kool. the scary thing is that people drink this stuff and it dyes yarn in like a minute. after i was done and washing the dishes i was acting like it was rit c, making sure not to get it on porous dish surfaces i.e. the babies bottles and stuff. the grocery store that i bought the ka at did not have much of a selection, but i did get all the varieties they had, 7 in all. then i get home only to discover that the new thing is INVISIBLE KOOLAID. wow. how did they manage that? oh yeah they just omitted the food colouring. one less scruptious ingredient for your consumption pleasure. anywho. that's the vital part i needed so i only ended up with 5 colour choices, and no greens or oranges. three shades of red, one blue and a yellow. there's another store nearby that i'll try next time. overall i'm pleased with the results. the method is super easy and it's pretty fast. when i get more colours i want to experiment with mixing them as well. i also read somewhere about using regular food colouring. wilton's i believe.

on the fo front, i finally finished m's socks. i'm pretty pleased with them and so is he. they're already in the dirty laundry.
theresa had her baby on wednesday. 8lbs 9 oz, 22in long and a full head of dark curly hair, just like his dad. the blanket is nowhere closer to completion, but i will remedy that this weekend

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

spring is in the air

it was so beautiful today, not as sunny as yesterday, but warmer and it has revived me. winter always gets to me, and this winter was a bit harder because i was indoors with the babe so much. but days like today, look out. my fingers were flying on the needles and mark's sock is coming along. since i'm not working i feel like i need to give myself some deadlines on all these knitting projects i have lined up. I haven't even started on the felted bag for diana which was promised as a christmas gift. hello, it's almost the end of march!!!!! So deadlines... mark's socks by this weekend, baby blanket by the end of next week, then diana's bag. all this before i can even look at the new yarn that i bought.....
lorna's laces sport in manzanita and ll shepherd sock in firefly. the firefle was a bit disappointing. I was expecting it to be more vibrant, more lime green, but the name is very appropriate, it looks exactly like the glow from a firefly. duh.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

wound too tight

I must be wound too tight, because I cast on for Jack's sweater and the pattern calls for size 3 needles with sport weight yarn, to get a gauge of 26sts/4". yeah right. I had to move up to a size 5. Is that normal?? Is that okay? Anyway, it's knitting up to gauge now. I had to go out yesterday to build up my needle arsenal. I did not have size 5 needles.

So now I've got three different projects going: baby blanket, socks and Arrr! baby set from the winter knit1.
It is so utterly cute. It's the reason I bought the mag in the first place. The broken heart sweater would be great in my size and if I ever finish with all i have on my plate now, i may size it up.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Got my camera back from Nicole.

The baby blanket is coming along slowly but surely. There's Jack helping with size comparison. i've run out of the variegated yarn and need to get another ball. I called Windsor Button (the lys where I originally purchased the yarn) and they don't have any more of that dye lot. Hopefully it won't matter too much because of the variegation and that it's spread out over the log cabin pattern.
I worked on Mark's socks a tiny bit tonight and will continue after this post.
Here's a picture of the finished one and the yarn.
It looks better on the foot than on the counter.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

yarn in the mail

Can I get any more lame with posting on here. Between Jack, errands, knitting and Jack's blog I haven't found much time to post.

So for an update (albeit pictureless for now because my camera is at Nicole's)...The baby blanket is nearing completion (almost), I have 2 BIG blocks left, plus the border. I'm going to line the back because I really don't care for how all those picked up stitches look. Honestly I don't think I did it correctly , but it's alright for now and it's nothing a little fabric backing can't fix. I chose a dark purple cotton fabric and even darker quilt binding for the edge. Not sure if I'm going to use the binding, I'll see after the fabric is on.

Mark has been complaining about his other sock...that by the time I finish the pair it will be June and not really wool sock weather....So I cast on the other one last nite. It's a good thing because I am needing a break from all the endless garter stitch of the baby blanket.

I just purchased Grumperina's periwinkle beret pattern. It's so very delicious. And of course I had to get some Lorna's Laces to start ASAP. I ordered a skein of the Manzanita colourway, for the beret, and while I was at it 2 skeins of Firefly sock weight for some socks for me. It's actually the first time I've ordered yarn online and I can't wait to receive the package. Something to look forward to.