Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ami craze

i get a bit carried away when i learn something new, and crocheting amigurumi is no different. i'm already on my 4th. i love it and knitting on the baby blanket has taken a back seat. my newest ami is a lion. the idea is pieced together from a couple of the humanoid animals in beth doherty's book. "face of a cat + hair of a bear = leo the lion" . My friends' son turns 1 in march and his name is Leo. not too original, but he's pretty damn cute. here's a not so wonderful WIP photo of him.

here are the other 2 little guys i made. they've already gone to their new homes.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


that's right, my potty mouth has gotten me into trouble. sort of. luckily my craft may have saved the day. "FOOK!" is jack's new word this morning, but when he says it he's referring to this...

...and not the expletive i tend to still use in his presence. this is fine when we're at home because i know what he's talking about, but on the street.... hopefully he won't see too many crochet hooks walking around town.

i've been working on some more crocheted animals. both of which have found other homes. owlet went to nicole and i'm working on a bunny for little adrien's birthday today. pictures for both will be posted later.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

belly update

on the non knitting front, there are new belly pictures. I didn't start as early this time as i did with jack. hopefully the babe won't mind.

18 weeks, 5 days

the morning sickness is finally over, so i've started gaining a couple of pounds. nothing major. i have an ultrasound on friday and we're going to find out the sex this time. i think it's a girl and mark thinks it's a boy. as long as there are 10 fingers and toes.

there was a lot of knitting going in between august and now, i just never got around to posting about any of it. always felt like i could be using the time to knit instead of type. but i do like documenting it all and having a record of the things i've done. so in the next week or so, i'll try to get some better photos of the all the FO's and post up small blurbs about each.

i finished ene's scarf, but need to have my aunt send me a good photo of it. here are some crapola photos.

the top photo's color is more accurate, but you can't see much of the detail. hopefully better photos will be coming soon.

Monday, January 14, 2008

New Year

for my new years resolution i'm going to post to my blogs at least once a week. so here is the first installment.

I just finished an amigurimi doll for some one's birthday. it was one of the hardest things to give away, i liked it so much. jack didn't want to let it go either.

he's from beth doherty's book "AMIGURUMI". i used cotton yarn i had in my stash instead of buying th acrylic recommended in the book. i like how he feels in cotton.

i went back and forth witht the color choices, but really like how the burgundy and green look together with the pale bunny. I want to make one for jack now, and nicole wants one for william, but i think i'll make him a lion for his birthday(he's a leo).

i really enjoyed making this and would love to start making original designs. i love doherty's proportions, how the firgure ends up cute but not cutsey. and the hinged arms... love em.

not sure what i'll use next time for yarn. acrylic or cotton. probably acrylic. i do like the shine of the 'satin' yarns they have out. and the colors are great.

i made alittle owl last night. going to photog him now in the falling snow.