Wednesday, March 26, 2008

loose ends part 2

i've been kind of lost on the knitting front. have cast on for a couple of different things only to find guage off or it's just something i'm never going to wear so why continue. so i'm kind of stuck right now.

i did just get a copy of Victorian Lace Today and that really has my head going. sacking my stash looking for the yarn i could use to start one of the dozens of lovely patterns in that book. but night time comes along and i'm just too tired to get around to anything complex. so i've been putting that off abit as well.

i do have some FO photos to share.
this is leo the lion. he's a hybrid of a couple of the humanoids from this book. i like how he turned out. hope his new friend likes him too. little leo turned one last week.

and then of course there's Elijah by Ysolda Teague. i made him out of some satin acrylic for ease of care and really like how soft he is. perfect for baby. another friend gift, this one is yet to be born.

i added a little tail (sorry it's side ways) that wasn't in the original pattern, because, you know, elephants have tails!! it was just a quick braid out of six strands of yarn, with a little fringe left on the end.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

loose ends pt. 1

i haven't posted in ages, but that doesn't mean i haven't been knitting. i really just haven't felt like writting about knitting, or much else for that matter. but here's part one of a finished object parade. i'm currently finishing off a few different projects and they'll get photographed later today or tomorrow.

First off is a photo of some things i received from one of my swaps. a sock yarn swap. the yarn is lovely, black with yello pink and red. aptly named black butterfly. some delicious chocolate that took me about 3 days to eat. (i'm pregnant is my excuse)

i've also finished the nut muffins' baby blanket. i love how it turned out. the i-cord trim was fun to do, even though it was time consuming. but it really gives the blanket a tailored look.

Pattern: Baby Blanket by Elizabeth Zimmerman

Materials: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted, Periwinkle, 4 skeins and a little bit

Jaegger Worsted, Cranberry, <>

Needles: US 7 for blanket, US 6 bamboo dpns for i-cord

Started: December 2007

Finished: February 2008

this blanket had some issues at the beginning. i'd origanally planned to knit the large motif garter blanket from the Opinionated Knitter. but laziness settled in and i didn't want to join all those pieces together so i frogged an almost completed blanket and started over. this is the story of my knitting life. ask my man and he'll tell you how many times he's seen me completely start over from the beginning. i'm glad i did it this way.

hope the little one likes it. it's super soft after washing too. and unlike j's koigu blanket, it's machine washable. yeah!!! because this blanket is quite a bit larger than his. almost crib size i'd say, but i haven't measured it.

oh yeah and here's an update of my belly.

28 weeks

it's a bit dark, but all you need to see is the growing profile anyway. i'm definately feeling pregnant lately. short of breath. can't sleep on my stomach or my back anymore. i'm still finding some comfortable positions to sleep in and i haven't had to break out the body pillow, but my days are numbered.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

march of time

i know february's a short month, but where the hell did it go? went to visit mom and dad last week. bought my first NORO and PANDA SILK. i was going to make a striped scarf out of the NORO Kureyon, instead it became some fingerless mitts. more details with photos-- to come as soon as the weather starts cooperating.

i'm also due for some belly pix, which will be taken when jack goes down for his nap. i've been feeling huge lately and there's still 14 weeks left. i'm just starting to feel the weight of it all. can't sleep on my stomach anymore and back sleeping is gettin uncomfortable too. but i still do it. i slept on my back a lot with jack, even at the end because side sleeping sucked too.