Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Finally, finished object(s)! (there's really only 1, so it doesn't really deserve an s, but anyway...)

Pattern: BFF socks by Cookie A
Yarn: Koigu PPPM in forgotten colourway
Needles: US1

I'd forgotten to take photos, so the recipient, nicole, took some for me. what a wonderful job she did. william even helped. and his modeling of them makes me wonder if i should be making baby leg warmers instead. oh so very cute!!!!

In other's pretty sad but i'm still working on someones christmas present. i had originaly started something with colinette prism, but didn't like how that was turning out, so i started on something new. nothing fancy but at this point i just want to get the job done.

The yarn is Moda Dea Eclipse in mauve and the pattern is Twist Shoulder Wrap from the same company. It's my first lacy work and let me tell you it's been a bitch!!! Heaven forbid I should miss a stitch somewhere, because now i can't seem to get back on track and have had to frog quite a bit of it, even stuff that i know was alright. ARGGGHH!!!!!

So i gave it a break for a little bit and cast on for Roza's Socks in Lorna's laces Firefly. I'm really liking how the yarn looks with this pattern.

I have completed more than this photo shows and LOVE the brioche/ rib pattern. it flows really well while knitting, even though i'm not too fond of purling.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

sockapalooza is on and i'm pretty excited about it. it's the first time i've knit anything for a swap. and that i'm going to be receiving some handknit socks. can't wait.

i'm almost done with the BFF socks, no new photos to show of those, though. i have been doing other things as well, like making j. some t-shirts. i totally love how they look. it's so fun looking for images to funk up an otherwise plain onesie.