Sunday, March 11, 2007

wound too tight

I must be wound too tight, because I cast on for Jack's sweater and the pattern calls for size 3 needles with sport weight yarn, to get a gauge of 26sts/4". yeah right. I had to move up to a size 5. Is that normal?? Is that okay? Anyway, it's knitting up to gauge now. I had to go out yesterday to build up my needle arsenal. I did not have size 5 needles.

So now I've got three different projects going: baby blanket, socks and Arrr! baby set from the winter knit1.
It is so utterly cute. It's the reason I bought the mag in the first place. The broken heart sweater would be great in my size and if I ever finish with all i have on my plate now, i may size it up.

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