Wednesday, March 14, 2007

spring is in the air

it was so beautiful today, not as sunny as yesterday, but warmer and it has revived me. winter always gets to me, and this winter was a bit harder because i was indoors with the babe so much. but days like today, look out. my fingers were flying on the needles and mark's sock is coming along. since i'm not working i feel like i need to give myself some deadlines on all these knitting projects i have lined up. I haven't even started on the felted bag for diana which was promised as a christmas gift. hello, it's almost the end of march!!!!! So deadlines... mark's socks by this weekend, baby blanket by the end of next week, then diana's bag. all this before i can even look at the new yarn that i bought.....
lorna's laces sport in manzanita and ll shepherd sock in firefly. the firefle was a bit disappointing. I was expecting it to be more vibrant, more lime green, but the name is very appropriate, it looks exactly like the glow from a firefly. duh.

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