Monday, June 23, 2008


this is the nickname i've given my girl. and no, i'm not referring to the character on the 80's sitcom (the facts of life). i'm refering to her flatulence. i love her, but she's stinky!!!

things are going well in our little family. jack love's his sis--wakes up in the morning comes into the room saying "hi mama. Seven?" then he loves and kisses on her. it's really very sweet.

he gets pretty upset when she's upset, which isn't very fun for me. but i do understand it.

our days lately consist of ...

wake up, nurse seven, try to feed jack (all he wants to eat these days is fruit), am park run, nap from noon to 3 pm ( this is where i try to sneak in some sewing time around nursing the babe), wake up from nap, try to feed jack (fruit?), pm park run, dinner (ha ha ha), bath and bed.

oh yeah and seven goes to sleep around 11 pm and jack wakes up at 5 am, so you do the math = not alot of sleep for mama (or daddy either some nights).

mark's taken over the nighttime jack stuff, and the early morning stuff. which i don't know what i would do without.

my mama's group has been making us dinner for the last 2 and a half weeks, and tonight is the last night. crap is all i can say. it's been an immeasurable help. and overall the foods been pretty good. tonight's mama brought us a huge vat of haagen daas chocolate ice cream. i love it, but don't love the fact that it's not going to help with the baby pudge. oh well.

here are some more photos.

One Month Old

seven just turned 1 month on saturday. it's gone by amazingly fast. with jack i had alot more time to just sit around and watch movies and relax. it's near impossible to do that now, with a 2 year old that needs to get out of the house.
these photos are from when my dad was here. sleeping with the baby. see the family resemblance?!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

for sale

i haven't been doing much knitting, but i have been doing lots of sewing. trying to get an etsy store together. making some baby clothes. the store is set up i just need to finish up a few more pieces and get them listed. it's just been hard to squeeze any uninterrupted time in, but i take what i can get. the process is taking a bit longer, but i still feel productive. as for pics of all this... no time yet. but maybe soon.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

photos only

here are some photos. a proper post with some knitting pics too, to come soon.