Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the rack....

the ball and chain has now turned into the rack. slowly tearing me apart as i fight to line the back. let me just say upfront, if anyone has any advice please send it my way.

so i finally finished knitting this thing and am happy with the results, of the front any way. the back not so much so i've decided to line it. it's taking a bit more tugging and pulling than i expected to get it perfectly squared. but that's not the thing that's giving me the most problem. what i'm really wondering about is how toquilt the whole thing what kind of design i should use. should i just follow the lines created by the log cabin pattern? should i tie it in a few strategic places and not quilt the whole back. or should i just leave the whole thing unstiched, which i think is going to give a more billowy effect than i am looking for.

i also finnaly blocked j's big bad baby blanket the other day. i'm ashamed to say that i finished knitting it 10 months ago. in my head i was saying oh blocking won't make that much of a difference. but it really did, it practically changed to entire feeling of the yarn. it's much softer now. i like it even better. these photos are terrible and don't show the color very well.

Actually the top photo (closeup) although blurred, is a more accurate representation of the color. it's koigu in god only knows what colourway. i lost the band months ago.

Friday, April 20, 2007

defying Rx's orders

this is the lorna's laces i posted about a while back, but never got around to photographing. the firefly colourway is growing on me, especially since i cast on roza's socks with it the other day. (more about that soon).

And then there's the Manzanita Shepherd Sport for Grumperina's Periwinkle Beret.

But what i've really been working on are some socks for Nicole's birthday. they're BFF socks Cookie A. I had some koigu that's been laying around since i knit j's big bad baby blanket and i was on a koigu kick ( and i had $$$ to afford such a luxury). It's a really bright colourway, a bit too busy maybe for the cables of the socks, but i'm liking how they're turning out. my first cables to speak of, and i'm totally enjoying them.

oh, my wrist? it's better. not 100% but i just can't help myself. it is getting better though.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

hollywood... (a blurb)

there's been much going on here, behind the scenes of this blog. however, i haven't had time to post or take pictures or anything. my fingers have been busy with a variety of tasks, not all of them knitting related. but now is not the time to discuss these things. tomorrow. now is time for bed.
bonne nuit.

Friday, April 13, 2007

out of comission

my wrist has been sore for a couple of weeks, so i went to have it looked at the other day and came home with this...

somewhere along the way, i sprained it. the doctor said no knitting. so i guess i'll post about other things.

one of my favourite sweaters got munched last summer

i don't know what got me more upset, that it got munched or that i didn't do anything to prevent it. luckily it wasn't a handknit. now, to salvage it i think i'm going to recycle the yarn. it's fingering weight merino in a burnt orange colour that i really love. not sure what it will be reincarnated as, but i'll start researching.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

a bit of a distractiON>

the blanket was getting to me and i needed a bit of a distraction. something fun, quick and... for j. i haven't knit much for him, so i thought a stuffed animal would be the perfect thing. after looking at various bear designs, i came across this by ysolda. a bunny. i loved it immediaely and ran down to my lys to my to find some suitable yarn.

pattern: stuffies by ysolda

yarn: berroco ultra alpaca, colour 6225

needles: us 8 (5.0mm) clover bamboo

the pattern calls for felting the features with a felting needle, which unfortunately i do not own. so.... i embroidered the eyes (photo not shown), but i'm not pleased with the results so i may use buttons instead.

now back to the old ball and chain...