Wednesday, March 26, 2008

loose ends part 2

i've been kind of lost on the knitting front. have cast on for a couple of different things only to find guage off or it's just something i'm never going to wear so why continue. so i'm kind of stuck right now.

i did just get a copy of Victorian Lace Today and that really has my head going. sacking my stash looking for the yarn i could use to start one of the dozens of lovely patterns in that book. but night time comes along and i'm just too tired to get around to anything complex. so i've been putting that off abit as well.

i do have some FO photos to share.
this is leo the lion. he's a hybrid of a couple of the humanoids from this book. i like how he turned out. hope his new friend likes him too. little leo turned one last week.

and then of course there's Elijah by Ysolda Teague. i made him out of some satin acrylic for ease of care and really like how soft he is. perfect for baby. another friend gift, this one is yet to be born.

i added a little tail (sorry it's side ways) that wasn't in the original pattern, because, you know, elephants have tails!! it was just a quick braid out of six strands of yarn, with a little fringe left on the end.

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Emily said...

Oh my gosh, love-love-love the elephant! Great tail addition.