Saturday, May 03, 2008

non-knitting post

uncomfort zone....

this is the phase of my pregnancy i'm entering. the time when every position sitting or laying down is uncomfortable. i can barely sit long enough to knit.

i have been working on a couple of different things, some socks and a shawl, but progress is slow. i'm trying to get things done for when the new babe comes.

unlike when jack was born, i'm must more laid back about this one. still need to install the infant seat. not getting a double stroller. i''ll just wear her at the beginning i think. and if i do end up using the infant seat when i go to a restaurant or something, jack can just walk in while i carry the lil one.

i'm considering using the cloth diapers i got then jack was born and just see how much of a pain it is to bring them to the laundry mat. or try to sell them again.

one great thing is that we decided not to move. just remembering moving when jack was 3 weeks old makes me sick to my stomach. i think we'll just stay in this apt. until we find something to buy. it's small but comfortable. and i just can't get my head around moving again.
my aunt and cousin came down at the beginning of the week. she took some photos of the belly and some great ones of jack.

34 weeks

He looks so much like Mark in this photo

You can see what he's going to look like as a man in the first picture. my little monkey love.

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