Wednesday, January 16, 2008

belly update

on the non knitting front, there are new belly pictures. I didn't start as early this time as i did with jack. hopefully the babe won't mind.

18 weeks, 5 days

the morning sickness is finally over, so i've started gaining a couple of pounds. nothing major. i have an ultrasound on friday and we're going to find out the sex this time. i think it's a girl and mark thinks it's a boy. as long as there are 10 fingers and toes.

there was a lot of knitting going in between august and now, i just never got around to posting about any of it. always felt like i could be using the time to knit instead of type. but i do like documenting it all and having a record of the things i've done. so in the next week or so, i'll try to get some better photos of the all the FO's and post up small blurbs about each.

i finished ene's scarf, but need to have my aunt send me a good photo of it. here are some crapola photos.

the top photo's color is more accurate, but you can't see much of the detail. hopefully better photos will be coming soon.

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