Friday, April 20, 2007

defying Rx's orders

this is the lorna's laces i posted about a while back, but never got around to photographing. the firefly colourway is growing on me, especially since i cast on roza's socks with it the other day. (more about that soon).

And then there's the Manzanita Shepherd Sport for Grumperina's Periwinkle Beret.

But what i've really been working on are some socks for Nicole's birthday. they're BFF socks Cookie A. I had some koigu that's been laying around since i knit j's big bad baby blanket and i was on a koigu kick ( and i had $$$ to afford such a luxury). It's a really bright colourway, a bit too busy maybe for the cables of the socks, but i'm liking how they're turning out. my first cables to speak of, and i'm totally enjoying them.

oh, my wrist? it's better. not 100% but i just can't help myself. it is getting better though.

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Dipsy said...

I really love both skeins, especially the second one looks so luscious in this beautiful warm color! And your socks are coming along beautifully - can't wait to see the finished ones! Happy Knitting!