Friday, March 23, 2007

people drink this stuff??

I just got done dying some yarn using koolaid c. very kool. the scary thing is that people drink this stuff and it dyes yarn in like a minute. after i was done and washing the dishes i was acting like it was rit c, making sure not to get it on porous dish surfaces i.e. the babies bottles and stuff. the grocery store that i bought the ka at did not have much of a selection, but i did get all the varieties they had, 7 in all. then i get home only to discover that the new thing is INVISIBLE KOOLAID. wow. how did they manage that? oh yeah they just omitted the food colouring. one less scruptious ingredient for your consumption pleasure. anywho. that's the vital part i needed so i only ended up with 5 colour choices, and no greens or oranges. three shades of red, one blue and a yellow. there's another store nearby that i'll try next time. overall i'm pleased with the results. the method is super easy and it's pretty fast. when i get more colours i want to experiment with mixing them as well. i also read somewhere about using regular food colouring. wilton's i believe.

on the fo front, i finally finished m's socks. i'm pretty pleased with them and so is he. they're already in the dirty laundry.
theresa had her baby on wednesday. 8lbs 9 oz, 22in long and a full head of dark curly hair, just like his dad. the blanket is nowhere closer to completion, but i will remedy that this weekend


jenfromRI said...

I love those bright colors! And I am giving myself a pat on the back for not giving my kids Kool-aid.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Beautiful colours. Unfortunately Kool Aid is not available where I live...I would love to try to dye a skein of yarn myself with it one day. (not to drink it..LOL)

maryse said...

i love dyeing with kool-aid. and all of these invisible colors are making me very sad. i'm afraid they may be phasing out the colors.

i love your experiment. i have a thing for light blue and red together.

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