Tuesday, May 12, 2009

still here, still knitting

i haven't fallen off the edge of the earth. i haven't even stopped knitting. just stopped writting about it.

my knitting mojo has been really off lately. after crochetting the potholders for the swap, i haven't been able to get another project together. I even picked up a pair of socks that i cast on for 3 years ago. They're just basic 2x2 toe up socks. Cotton/wool yarn. Blah colorway. They'll be good summer socks, so I'm finally going to finish them up.

What I really want to do is knit up some of this stash yarn that I recieved through Swapbot ages ago. I'll try to post photos and see if any one has some ideas of what to do with it. If anyone reads this other than my mother, at this point.

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