Saturday, August 09, 2008

august, baby

for lack of a better title. we've been spending our days at the park. morning and afternoon. there's been little crafting going on because i've come to realize that jack and i are much happier and have a better understanding when we're not cooped up in our 750 sq. foot apartment.

yesterday was crazy, we had a play-dough (homemade) party and it ended up being all boys. 5 boys aged 2-3. It was something else. Jack had a great time and there wasn't too much fighting.

on thursday i got the kids astrological charts done, by a mama friend. she was saying how from birth to age 7 kids don't really have an emotional filter up, so you get 100% of their feelings. the good, the bad and the ugly. we focused on the kids' moon sign, which is the base of emotions. it was pretty interesting to find out aabout the 2 monkeys.

Jack: moon in libra:
Moon in Libra
A child with Libra Moon sees the world through the eyes of an artist and has a special sensibility for all things beautiful. Peaceful surroundings will encourage feelings of security, and color has a special impact for this child.
Baby may be more sensitive than parents first realize, since Libra Moon can be
easily irritated in harsh surroundings or by rough surfaces. Fussiness can arise when baby is simply in an awkward position or if too much light is streaming through the window. However, Libra Moon confers a sweet and charming quality, and you may notice that this child has a very gentle nature.
Being around other people is important, too, since the drive from Libra Moon is to relate – even before he has mastered the ability to speak. Reaching out and feeling connected is one of the most powerful motivators for this child. Playtime and toys that incorporate artistic self-expression will be most enjoyable. Always keep crayons and art supplies on hand, but remember that this child might also enjoy music, any type of design (including dressing up all the bears and dolls in the house), and will want to participate in decorating his room at an age that may surprise you.

Seven:moon in sagitarius

“Let’s get moving!” may be the message you get from a child with Sagittarius Moon. Even as a baby,motion feels great, and going somewhere can rank high on the list of favorite things to do. As soon as she learns to crawl, you’ll realize that there’s an adventurer in the house. Playpens will not be appreciated, since feeling fenced in runs against his nature. This child may be a giggler, since laughter is likely to become one of his trademarks.
The drives and needs from Sagittarius Moon prompt a child to be game for just about anything,
although learning about limits can be tough. Parents may wonder if this kid understands the word, “No.” Of course he does. He just may not accept it! In fact, limits, focus and discipline might be most easily taught through sports, games and stories. This child has a natural optimism, and may be willing to try again while others are stuck or held back by fear of failure. In school, mental discipline and concentration can be problematic, particularly if the subjects have lost their luster. Since Sagittarius Moon views Mother as the quintessential teacher, she can become his best inspiration to strive to do better or to learn more. Mom also needs to understand that the platitudes she speaks are considered ultimate truths to this child – until the world proves otherwise, that is! Expect this child to ask questions.
In other words, buy that encyclopedia or reference software as soon as he is talking. You’ll be glad you did!

I definately see some of these characteristics emerging, even in seven. It's all really interesting to me.

Rainy this morning, so we're playing with play dough. yeah!

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