Sunday, February 10, 2008

garter madness

finished the BSJ, here'a a terrible flash photo of it. i ended up reknitting the button band and bottom because i didn't like the way the other yarn. this is more what i had envisioned when i started knitting with the midnight garden and ran out of that and needed another yarn to finish.

and i love the owl buttons. jack keeps saying "owl, hoo hoo" everytime he sees it.

pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman

yarn: Skeintilly Clad DK in midnight garden, 2 skeins 120yds each
Jaeger Matchmaker DK 3/4 skein

needles: US5

start date: january 2007

finish date: february 8, 2008

comments: this was such an enjoyable project. at first i was a abit intimidated by the way the pattern was written, but when i stopped thinking about it and just started knitting it all made sense. a really quick knit too. aside from the fact that i reknit the border, it only took 3 days (or 4 depending on how you look at it) to knit. then i had to find the perfect buttons. the only down side to the owls... their price, $2.70 each x 5, plus tax.

in other news, a belly update. i feel like it realy exploded as of late and i'm way bigger than i was with jack. i know i started 10lbs heavier, but come on. it's not sooooo bad, but i'm definately looking preggo.

23 weeks

I'm still working on the baby blanket. it's 1/2 done and i just joined the 3rd skein of yarn. i'm having to order another skein, because i know i'll be a few yards short for the main color. I bought some contrasting yarn for the i-cord edging. i still need to find a good tutorial for that. maybe ill brave the weather tomorrow to take some photos. it's supposed to be freezing but sunny. plus mark has the camera today.

next in the garter/baby line-up: saartje's booties, sweet baby cap, and a modular totem for jack. the totem willbe for this spring so i better get crackin'.


Joan said...

What a beautiful baby surprise! Love the rich tones.

Congrats on the baby. ;-}

PS..I am the new admin on New England Knits webring and cleaning house so all the blogs can finally be circled. Give it a try!

Windansea said...

I love those buttons! You're going to have fun on the Tomten, mine was one of my favorite projects. Lydia