Friday, April 13, 2007

out of comission

my wrist has been sore for a couple of weeks, so i went to have it looked at the other day and came home with this...

somewhere along the way, i sprained it. the doctor said no knitting. so i guess i'll post about other things.

one of my favourite sweaters got munched last summer

i don't know what got me more upset, that it got munched or that i didn't do anything to prevent it. luckily it wasn't a handknit. now, to salvage it i think i'm going to recycle the yarn. it's fingering weight merino in a burnt orange colour that i really love. not sure what it will be reincarnated as, but i'll start researching.


Anonymous said...

No knitting???? Oh my. I don't think I could cope. I guess cross stitch and crochet are out too?

I'd have to hit the chocolate...

Hope your wrist is feeling better soon and you can get back to all things fibery!

jenfromRI said...

So sorry to read about your wrist! I hope you're feeling better soon.

elan said...

To prevent muching I store my wool stash (& sweaters through the summer) in the freezer.

Sorry about the wrist but wait til the doc says it's ok to knit, if you aggravate it, it'll just take longer to heal.