Wednesday, March 28, 2007

computer literacy

my first comment! how exciting!!! funny because i was just reading the entry in cara's blog about leaving comments and blogging and whatnot and now my first comment. and knowing that someone is reading what i've written. pretty cool. cause one of the reasons i started this blog was to be part of the greater knitting community and get feedback from people. with the munchkin now i can't get out to stitch n' bitch sessions any more so it's great to have a connection with other knitters.

i have been considering joining my two blogsbecause i'm having a hard time keeping them both up to date. of course i'm not sure knitters want so much info on j. and my family so much info on knitting and my crafting life. so i'm still mulling it over. this may just remain my knitting blog with j. mentioned for the knitting projects he inspires me to knit for him. however few they may be.

which brings to why i haven't knit that much for him up to now. kids just grow to fast. it will probably take me more time to knit him the arrr baby set than time he will be able to wear it. i thought about dressing up one of his bears in it either before and/or after he fits in it. at least someone will get to take advantage of this fine fashion.

on the knitting front, i've resumed work on the baby blanket. i ran out of one of the colours and i'm not sure if i'm going to get another ball or just end it a square short. i'll se what it looks like after this section and decide.

p.s. blogging is also making me computer literate. considering m. bought me my first computer 4 years ago, i think i've come a long way (for me).

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Evelyn said...

Hello Somerville. I grew up in Lynn and my Dad was a Hood's milkman in Somerville. I am also hoping for comments on my blog, so if I leave one for you, will you leave one for me? :-) I also tried koolaid dying this week for the first time and had the same thought: I can't believe this stuff is street legal! omg, we put that in our stomachs? Anyhow, drop by and say hello. (No pictures of my koolaid yarn because I don't actually have a digital camera. I have to wait for my daughter to come home from school. But my grape looked dim, so I stuck it in with the strawberry and got a nice mix of reds and browns. Cheap thrills.)